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The case of square li-polymer

Lithium-ion batteries are divided into square lithium batteries (such as commonly used mobile phone batteries), cylindrical lithium batteries (such as 18650, 18500, etc.) and button lithium batteries according to their shapes; Lithium batteries are divided into aluminum shell lithium batteries, steel shell lithium batteries and soft package batteries according to the outsourcing materials; According to the anode materials, it is divided into lithium cobaltate, lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganate and lithium polymer.

The service environment of lithium ion battery is also very important to its cycle life. Among them, ambient temperature is a very important factor. Low or high ambient temperature will affect the cycle life of lithium battery.

The charge and discharge performance of C/LiCoO2 lithium ion battery at-20℃ was studied. The results show that the discharge performance of the battery deteriorates at low temperature, and the discharge capacity at 0.2 C is only 77% of that at normal temperature, and the discharge capacity at 1 C is only 4% of that at 0.2 C.. With the increase of constant voltage charging time at low temperature, the charging performance deteriorates obviously.