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What is lithium battery safety valve?

After 30 years' development, the preparation process of 18650 battery has been very mature, and besides the performance has been greatly improved, its safety is also very perfect. In order to avoid explosion of sealed metal case, 18650 batteries are now equipped with a safety valve at the top, which is the standard of every 18650 battery and the most important explosion-proof barrier. When the internal pressure of the battery is too high, the safety valve at the top of the battery will open the exhaust and decompress to avoid explosion. However, after the safety valve is opened, the chemical substances leaked from the battery will react with the oxygen in the air at high temperature, and there may still be a fire. In addition, some 18650 batteries now have their own protective plates, which have the functions of overcharge and overdischarge and short circuit protection, and have very high safety performance.
The previous explosion of mobile power supply was all caused by unscrupulous manufacturers using unqualified 18650 batteries or even second-hand waste power to save costs. At present, the 18650 batteries produced by major battery manufacturers such as Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, etc. are actually very safe, and the usage rate of the 18650 batteries is very high. We can use them correctly in daily use and avoid short circuit, damage or over-temperature of the batteries, so we don't have to worry about explosion. We can't knock over a ship of people with a bamboo pole, and characterize the safety of 18650 by individual inferior products.
To sum up in one sentence: the regular and qualified 18650 battery is very safe and can be used with confidence. If you buy roadside goods cheaply, it is safer, but whether you will have an accident depends on your character ~